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Tourism in El Salvador

We offer you different tourist in El Salvador options for you are with various corners of the country, but you’re also with people, the ways of seeing and understanding life, always with responsibility, tolerance and the best provision for understanding.

Tours | El Salvador

Tourism is one of the largest resources for economic development of our country. The excellent natural attractions has paradisiacal beaches, a benign tropical climate and lush landscapes, joins an important archaeological and ecological heritage with colonial and pre-Columbian, traces and national reserves.

A quality territory is that the extension is small. El Salvador is known as "the country of the 40 minutes", since from the capital is accessed at that time various tourist sites: beaches south of the territory located north west and the peoples of the interior mountains.

They are some of the sites that you may interested in staying in El Salvador:

The Golondrinera Waterfall Tour

The Golondrinera Waterfall Tour This tour is an ecological trek by the waterfalls of "Los Chorros de la Calera" in Juayúa and "Las Cascadas de Don Juan" in Jujutla. Los Chorros de la Calera consist of four spectacular and wonderful natural waterfalls where the main waterfall is about twenty feet high. "Las Cascadas de Don Juan" is located on a coffee farm just 15 minutes walk from the main street.


Canopy Tour (Zipline) Apaneca

¡Come and discover an experience full of adrenaline in our Apaneca Canopy Tour! Take the challenge between the beautiful coffee plantations in the Ruta de las Flores, enjoying the beautiful scenery of El Salvador and vegetation that characterizes the area. La Ruta de Las Flores is one of the most requested tourist routes in the country and is the quintessential coffee zone of El Salvador. This is an adventurous journey through more than 2000 meters of cable suspended between 14 platforms in the treetops with a height ranging from 10-150 meters. Is this the first time you take the tour? Do not worry we have trained instructors will guide and accompany you throughout the tour.


Walking Tour of Santa Ana Volcano (Ilamatepec)

¿Ready for an awesome experience? This tour is an exciting adventure to the crater of the volcano Llamatepec true scenic gem. With a height of 2384 meters above sea level, the Santa Ana Volcano, best known as the Ilamatepec is the highest volcano and bulkier of the coastal range in the region. It is also the third highest point in El Salvador.


Lempa River Rafting Tour

Take this tour and experience the adventure and adrenaline of a different experience. Descend through the exciting rapids of the river Guajoyo of El Salvador to the limit with the Lempa River. Explore 15 km. the river rapids interspersed with exciting and fun quiet areas, colorful scenery and natural beauty.!


Quadritour - Laguna Verde

¿Looking for Adventure? Are you a lover of extreme sports? Enjoy 2 hours of fun, the tour begins stone paths, coffee plantations, mountain trails and muddy areas (in rainy season). After about 45 minutes of walking, we reached the Laguna Verde in Apaneca, where we enjoy excellent cool climate.


La Palma

La Palma is characterised by its fine crafts, wood, seeds, blankets, Tin and others; that are developed by Salvadoran hands and are a mainstay in the economy in the municipality.



Ilobasco is regarded as one of the main centres potters Central American, located 55 kilometres from San Salvador at an altitude of 750 metres from the sea level.


San Sebastián

San Sebastian is famous for the production of processed textiles with manual methods lever, looms it is located at 660 metres above sea level.


Concepción de Atacó

Town founded by the Pipil tribes pre-Columbian source, its main economic line is the cultivation of coffee, the city also work manuals and artisans weaving of religious imagery.



Is a town with many indigenous tradition and artisans; there works the wicker, natural fibres, wood and cotton, in this village there is a night market is illuminated with candles.



Characterized by their red and black pottery products produced primarily by indigenous women that combine local raw material, as the red clay and casts plants.