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IBERIA Begins to fly to San Salvador

  • From 1 October the Spanish company will become the first European to connect airline Salvadoran Europe with four flights to the week.
  • San Salvador will become distribution center of Iberia flights to other cities in the region like Managua, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.
  • Iberia currently flies Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala, so this new destination will consolidate its leadership among Europe and Central America.

San Salvador, Jun 10, 2010

From 1 October Iberia will begin flying between San Salvador and Madrid, thus becoming the first European airline to join both capitals. It is four weekly flights, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with schedules that allow convenient connections from San Salvador to other Central American cities both Madrid to many European capitals. In fact, Iberia wants the Salvadoran capital becomes your hub for flights in the region for those passengers wishing to fly to or from cities like Managua, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa

In the first year of operation, Iberia expected to carry a total of 40,000 passengers on this route. This uses the Airbus A-340/300, county seat, of which 36 are Business Plus class which has been recently improved, since the personal space for every passenger has increased up to 2.20 metres and armchairs become totally horizontal beds.

Flights leave San Salvador at 19: 40 and will arrive at 14: 15 pm next to Madrid, from where passengers may connect to other 38 European cities and 9 in Africa. The return flight will leave Madrid at 12: 30, will arrive at 15: 45 to Guatemala and will continue its journey to San Salvador at 17: 20 to reach 18: 10 to your final destination from where passengers can continue their journey to other Central American cities.

With the addition of San Salvador to its network of destinations, Iberia increases its presence in Central America and reinforces its leadership in the region. Currently, the Spanish company flies Costa Rica, Guatemala Panama.

Since it launched its direct flights to the region, at the end of 2004, the airline has not stopped growing. If in 2005 transported between Central America and Europe more than 173,000 passengers, in year 2009 that figure reached the 275,000, an increase which verges on 60%. In total, over the past six years, the airline has transported in these routes linking the two sides of the Atlantic over 1.3 million passengers.

The increase in the supply of Iberia in Central America will significantly increase these figures and strengthen its leadership between Europe and the region, with which currently reaches 42% market share. In the case of passengers travelling in Business, this percentage is 52%, which means that more than half of people flying between Central America and Europe in business class, do so with Iberia.

Note: Iberia is today the leading company in Spain routes between Spain and Europe and also in Europe Latin market. Along with his Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum franchise offers more than 1,000 daily flights to hundreds of destinations. Iberia is a member of oneworld alliance that offers more than 8,400 flights a day to about 680 destinations from 134 countries. Learn more about the Iberia Group in