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Tourism en El Salvador

We offer you different tourist in El Salvador options for you are with various corners of the country, but you’re also with people, the ways of seeing and understanding life, always with responsibility, tolerance and the best provision for understanding.

Tours | El Salvador

They are some of the sites that you may interested in staying in El Salvador:

El Imposible

It is a tropical and subtropical rainforest which possesses the greatest biodiversity in the country. Contains microclimates with variety of flora and fauna. It is a mature forest typical of early Mesoamerican, unique in its genre. Offers camping, areas Center of interpolation, eco hostel, trails, lookouts and guides.


Volcán de Izalco

The Izalco volcano is younger and more majestic El Salvador volcano. Izalco started activities in the year 1770 and continued to function until 1967 and then ceased to show activity. The Izalco volcano is known as the "Pacific del Faro" due to the constant emanations of lava.


Cerro Verde

It is an extinct volcano located in the Department of Santa Ana, El Salvador. It has an elevation of 2030 m above sea level and its crater is covered by a thick forest nebulous and eroded. It is estimated that its last eruption was 25 thousand years ago.



Destination for the practice of activities outdoors; Crystal clear rivers, observation of birds, walks, photographs, camping, picnics, within this forest lies the "garden of the hundred years", where you can observe more than 70 different species of orchids; agapantos, varsovias and much more.