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Tourism en El Salvador

We offer you different tourist in El Salvador options for you are with various corners of the country, but you’re also with people, the ways of seeing and understanding life, always with responsibility, tolerance and the best provision for understanding.

Tours | El Salvador

They are some of the sites that you may interested in staying in El Salvador:

Lago de Coatepeque

Coatepeque Lake was formed by the sinking of a group of volcanic cones tops a few thousands of years ago. Currently the Lake is a beautiful natural paradise and an excellent place for fishing in its different facets, as other water sports.


Lago de Ilopango

It is one of the most visited natural points of all El Salvador. And is that since so far visitors already can be done an idea of what awaits them when they arrive on the shores, because the viewpoints surrounding see full extent and the nature which has around.


Lago de Suchitlán

This artificial lake formed in the winter of 1976, at the end of the construction of the hydroelectric Central of Cerrón Grande; which owes its name to the estate which was located on the banks of the same on the Lempa River, is the largest lake in El Salvador extension exceeds 120 km².


Lago de Guija

With an area of 44 square kilometers, this lake is shared with Guatemala, although El Salvador corresponds to 70 percent. This site has two important attractions: on the one hand its mirror of water and on the other the petroglyphs made by Indians.