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El Salvador is a small country but offers much to those who visit. This tourist destination offers excellent natural attractions: paradisiacal beaches, a benign tropical climate, lush landscapes and an important archaeological and ecological heritage with colonial and pre-Columbian, traces and national reserves.

It is one of the few places in the world where are still dry tropical forests in natural reserves. Who decides to travel to El Salvador you will find an ideal to enjoy holidays outdoors, with more than 300 kilometres of beach, picturesque Lakes, rivers and glowing pools which are source of satisfaction for anyone who yearns for aquatic activities perform landscape.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio, the gateway to one of the main areas of agrotourism and camping is located five minutes from the Palma: Las Pilas y Los Planes, cantons located at the top of the Hill Miramundo whose main crops are flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Miramundo Hill has a wide offer of huts and mountain hotels. The more adventurous can contact a local guide for a walk Sumpul river (which serves El Salvador-Honduras border) and Cerro el Pital, which is the point at a higher altitude above the sea on the territory of El Salvador level.

San Ignacio is located in the Northwest of the Department of Chalatenango.

San Ignacio is 1010 m SNM and 86 km from San Salvador road north main line which connects the capital with Tejutla, San Ignacio, Citalá, La Palma, El Poy border.

Its Patron Saint festivities are held from 23 to 31 July in honor of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Among its tourist attraction of the town centres: El Peñón Cayaguanca; Hills El Pital (our maximum elevation, 2730 m SNM where we have a small nebulous forest with its own microclimate and many varieties of birds and orchids) and stone Rajada.

Las Pilas is an area where you can see vegetables that do not grow anywhere else of El Salvador due to the need for certain temperatures only there found to subsist.

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