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El Salvador is a small country but offers much to those who visit. This tourist destination offers excellent natural attractions: paradisiacal beaches, a benign tropical climate, lush landscapes and an important archaeological and ecological heritage with colonial and pre-Columbian, traces and national reserves.

It is one of the few places in the world where are still dry tropical forests in natural reserves. Who decides to travel to El Salvador you will find an ideal to enjoy holidays outdoors, with more than 300 kilometres of beach, picturesque Lakes, rivers and glowing pools which are source of satisfaction for anyone who yearns for aquatic activities perform landscape.


Juayua is one of the cities of ruta de las Flores, 16 kms to the NW of the city of Sonsonate and 1040 m SNM.

Juayua is famous for the gastronomic festivals every weekend. Also by its patron in honor of the black Christ, held from 8 to 15 January festivals. Sites of tourist attraction are the benefits of coffee where we can see the process of obtaining our grain of gold.

The people believe in 1577 and belonged to the convent Seráfico Sonsonate, some time later became part of the province of the Izalcos.

13, 1877, in recognition of its agricultural wealth and material improvement is finally elevated to the rank village, named El Progreso.

Due to the degree of importance of the deposit currency product marketing of coffee, which was never used by its inhabitants and to become city in 1906 he again changed their name to Juayua which preserved to date.

Many Indians lost their lands due to the abolition of communal lands that occurred in 1881, which caused that in the long term indigenous peoples are sublevaran, giving rise to the lifting of the peasants in 1932, when Juayua becomes the headquarters of the peasant revolt of utmost importance that has occurred in Central America; which killed thousands of peasants not only Juayua but all El Salvador (David Browniing).

Los Chorros de Calera

Near Juayua there is some fantastic waterfalls. In fact there are four different waterfalls which you can explore one after the other.

Of the Juayua people walk in 30 minutes towards the place.

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