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El Salvador is a small country but offers much to those who visit. This tourist destination offers excellent natural attractions: paradisiacal beaches, a benign tropical climate, lush landscapes and an important archaeological and ecological heritage with colonial and pre-Columbian, traces and national reserves.

It is one of the few places in the world where are still dry tropical forests in natural reserves. Who decides to travel to El Salvador you will find an ideal to enjoy holidays outdoors, with more than 300 kilometres of beach, picturesque Lakes, rivers and glowing pools which are source of satisfaction for anyone who yearns for aquatic activities perform landscape.

El Pital

El Pital 93 km north of the city of San Salvador and 7 km from the town of San Ignacio, in the Department of Chalatenango.

One of the places where we can enjoy the climate, vegetation and views without asking permission in advance, is just cancel the entry fee. El Pital 2730 SNM m high is the highest point in El Salvador. You can perform many activities outdoors including: observation of birds, orchids, climbing, bici-montaņa or simply enjoy the views we have from there. We can see the Eastern and central area of the country, besides new Ocotepeque city in the sister Republic of Honduras volcanoes.

El Pital is an area that has a cloudy microclimate, which our single country can be found in the Montecristo National Park. The variety of orchids is impressive due to the climatological factors: high concentration of humidity, abundance of vegetation in this specific area.

People who live in the area have a peculiarity that only will find in this Department and have white skin, green eyes and blond; hair While in the rest of the country, the color of the skin, eyes and hair is different, which has historical bases.

If you want to stay overnight, this is a place where you will enjoy a cold night in his tent, but if you want more comfort also it can have one of the new hotels in the area have been built among them El Pital Highland located on road to El Pital.

Light clothes, blocker solar, repellent, slippers, tennis or boots, Cap, light clothing.

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