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Tourism in El Salvador

We offer you different tourist in El Salvador options for you are with various corners of the country, but you’re also with people, the ways of seeing and understanding life, always with responsibility, tolerance and the best provision for understanding.

Tours | El Salvador

They are some of the sites that you may interested in staying in El Salvador:

Santa Ana

Santa Ana, one of the cities of El Salvador more inspiring tempts visitors to explore the twin towers of the Cathedral of Santa Ana.

Vague on the streets and admire their baroque dwellings, courtyards full of flowers and ornate carved wooden doors.

Located in the West of the country. A simple walk through the Centre of the city just to find interesting historical sites of great architectural value.



Suchitoto, cradle of history and culture, city place where it seems that time has fallen asleep, where we found an old colonial town with panoramic views, cobbled streets enjoying peace of mind, habits and traditions, Museum, art galleries, and nightlife.

Outside of the town centre, you have a variety of nature including Lake Suchitlán, Guazapa volcano, waterfalls, historic places of the country, protected forest reserves, and turicentros.



The ancient village of Panchimalco is one weekend favorite travel by Salvadorans. In the quiet city is one of the oldest churches in the country, the Church of the cross Santa of Rome, built around the year 1730, during the Spanish domination.

Built under the Baroque style using as a basis the main adobe, so astonishes that it has survived the constant earthquakes that have plagued the Department of San Salvador.