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Volcanoes and Adventures

For the lovers of the adventure that best that climb the Hill the Boquerón and descend towards its crater in where you will find inside the world's smallest volcano certainly some will be unequalled experience that can not forget.

From the road may contemplate the spectacular view of San Salvador and the Nejapa Valley, the calm waters of Lake Ilopango and cerro Guazapa.


el Boquerón

The volcano has incredible natural that makes it a potential for tourism development in the area, in the future the visitor may be a tour of this amazing route, full of natural and potential wealth willing and eager to work and receive the training necessary to become skilled labour and thus work on projects to develop human wealth.

The new highway concrete double meaning easy access and proximity, is an excellent tool that works as a means for the tourist development of the volcano.

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Cerro Verde

Cerro Verde is an extinct volcano located in the Department of Santa Ana, El Salvador; specifically in the cordillera de Apanéca.

It has an elevation of 2030 m above sea level, its crater is covered by a thick forest nebulous, and eroded its last eruption was 25 thousand years BC.

Cerro Verde is the eponymous nature reserve managed by the Salvadorian Institute of tourism; offers viewpoints Ilamatepec, Izalco volcanoes and Lake Coatepeque, a sightspots, walk through the forest and the Izalco volcano climbing.

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Volcán de Izalco

The Izalco volcano is the youngest of El Salvador volcanoes and one of the youngest of the American continent.

Originated in the year 1770, when a hole in the foothills of the Santa Ana volcano began to fire smoke and ash.

196 Years volcano erupted almost incessantly, and these eruptions were into the ocean, earning the nickname of Faro in the Pacific.

Its business was such that formed a cone of 650 meters above the plain neighborhood (1,952 meters), with a 250-metre diameter crater.

Its last eruption was in the year 1966, and since then has noticed a gradual decrease in activity and temperature of its fumaroles.

It is last estratovolcan.Su or Strombolian eruption was very violent and completely destroyed the top volcano making its height to decrease in the 200 m.

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