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Surfing in El Salvador

There are beautiful places for all tastes in El Salvador and surfing is not far behind; El Salvador is one of the best places in the world to the surf.

Punta Rock, El Sunzal, El Tunco or El Zonte some beaches are with its beaches, which are among the favorite among a lot of surfers from around the world, from pioneers in the sport to new generations.

The idea of El Salvador for many people evokes thoughts of the civil war, political conflicts, poverty and the danger, however much has changed in the last 16 years, peace was signed in 1992, starting a new era of democracy and stability. El Salvador now offers a completely new experience for the traveller surf.


Punta Roca

Internationally recognized for its magnificent waves for the surf, the beach of Punta Rock is the new centre of attraction for tourism in the Department of La Libertad.

Punta Rock has embellished and seems ready to capture not only the surfers, but also to all who wish to Holiday Beach vacationers.

Carlos Farabundo Molina, Mayor of the municipality of the port of La Libertad, during the inauguration of the illumination of Punta Rock, expressed his vision to future make this beach on the first, precisely, allowing surfers slide night waves.

From the colorful Malecón of Punta Rock you can enjoy landscape at all hours of the day, from dawn, and now, until the evening.

Fits highlights Punta Rock is part of the beaches with the best points of break-up of the world.

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El Sunzal

Is one of the beaches favorite El Salvador West zone is "El Sunzal"; for that for thousands of fans and connoisseurs of surfing is one of the best beaches in the world to practice this sport.

That is why this beach held frequent international surf competitions since, moreover, both have a good tourist infrastructure for such events.

Sunzal, in particular, there are a considerable number of houses and small hotels very suitable place for surfing.

Meets the most demanding tastes a variety of restaurants offering from local dishes made with delicacies from the sea up to the highest international cuisine.

There is also a workshop tables if you their surfboard damage you, as well as income tables and instructors for this sport.

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El Zonte

Excellent beach for the practice of surfing and scenario of national and international tests of this sport.

With good hotels and restaurants, offering camping areas works managed by women taking part in the national ranking that drive further important projects for community development and environmental eco Surfing school.

There are rocky areas with beautiful landscapes and friendly waves.


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El Tunco

In spite of its unusual name for a destination, although you cannot create this area has become more fancied by foreigners who like challenge to the impressive sea experience.

Beach El Tunco exclusively to practice surfing, many European and us have been fascinated by the Salvadoran waves, classified among the best in the world for surfing.

Beach El Tunco, famous for its giant Crag that had the shape of pig

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