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Diving in El Salvador

El Salvador has volcanic craters which erupted over 1800 years ago and were filled with fresh water with the passage of time.

The buceado is the active crater of Ilopango, which presents a rocky, Sandy brittle topography of volcanic origin with cliffs and walls up to 775 feet (231 meters) deep.

Ilopango has several islands that host territorial as well as migratory birds which can be seen in the tour in boat towards the points of diving. 77 Degrees F (26 ° C) temperature waters make the perfect diving all year round.

Where Diving?

El Cráter volcánico del Lago de Ilopango

East offers views underwater formations of rocks and solidified lava that are incredibly beautiful, also has hot water exits from 30´ feet and some archaeological remains.

In addition this crater has diving where there are formations of very interesting nodules that are real unknown sites.

Species: we are approximately 13 species of fish including the more common the donkey, the guapote etc.

a crab class and a couple of classes of freshwater sponges.

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Arrecife Los Cóbanos

Los Cobanos beach is located in cove calm water with a community of traditional fishermen much experience and the Cabo punta remedies.

The most important feature of Los Cobanos is located in the only place in the Central American Pacific approximately 160 km2 of isolated volcanic rock formations.

The biodiversity of these rock formations that are within the range of 15 to 180 feet deep, exhibits abundant variety of corals, invertebrate animals and fish, constitute an opportunity for the practice of recreational diving.

Area are two shipwrecks of steam ships sailing from the late 1800s.

Because it is only 35 feet from the surface, are favorite places for snorkeling and diving shallow.

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